Timber Ridge Hunts Whitetail Deer Hunts    FAQ Page

Here are some of the more frequent asked questions that we get: 

  • What is the likelihood of me getting a Big Buck?

-There is no exact percentage of likelihood. There are may factors that go into getting a big buck and none of which are guarantees.

  • Are you high fenced or free range?

-We are free ranged.

  • If I come to hunt can I being a non-hunter (wife, son, dad, ect.)?

-Unfortuately because our season is so limited and we are such a small family business we can not have non-hunters.

  • Where are you located?

-We are located in Georgetown, Georgia, just across the Alabama/Georgia line. Our closest town is Eufaula, AL, just across the bridge.

  • What is your success rate?

-There is no way to calculate a success rate because no season is the same when it comes to weather, movement, and other elements when it comes to hunting.

  • How do I start the booking process?

-Give Us a Call or Email today! We can get you started!

334-355-0657 or timberridgehunts@yahoo.com

  • What are your rates?

-Our hunts are three day hunts that at $825, which include lodging but does not include food. See our rates page for more details!

  • What licenses do I need and Where do i go to get them?

-You need a Georgia Hunting License and a Big Game License 


One of our goals here at Timber Ridge Hunts, when it comes to booking, is to make the process as quick and painless as possible. We realized that in order to do so, we needed to offer a Frequently Asked Questions page so that it limited the Steps that come with booking!